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We’ve partnered with leaders across industrial sectors to provide them with goal-driven solutions, uncompromising quality, and reliable rotating equipment and services since 1968.

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Our teams of expert, licensed OEM distributors and engineers work with your favorite brands to supply you with all your pump, mixer, and industrial equipment needs.

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Our team of experts is here to help, whether designing a custom solution, sourcing and installing the right equipment and machinery, or being available to fix an emergency situation.

Get the perfect, custom solution from our factory-certified fabrication department. Our experienced welding team specializes in all types of custom rotating equipment.

Excel with a custom-built application designed by our engineers and system that uses only the best equipment from today’s top pump and parts manufacturers.

Accelerate your start-up process with our installation services. Save man hours, ensure OEM standards are met, reduce incidentals, and so much more.

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For over fifty years, we’ve been proud to partner with businesses in our community to supply process equipment and facilitate continuous growth.

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We’ve compiled years of expertise on industrial products, equipment manufacturers, and the latest professional literature to make staying informed more accessible than ever.

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