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Mines and their processing plants have demanding jobs, like handling aggressive and abrasive materials, which is why we help source the right equipment that is durable, robust, and easy to maintain. Our reliable equipment can ease applications like sludge transportation via drainage, chemical dosing, and subsequent neutralization.

An active dragline that is mining precious metals and minerals using Arroyo pumps and equipment
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From Extraction to Production: Equipment in Phosphate Mining

The process of extracting phosphate from underground mines involves several stages, including drilling, blasting, crushing, and grinding. Each stage requires the use of rotating equipment, including crushers, mills, pumps, conveyors, and separators, to break down, transport, and process the ore. Our team is responsible for sourcing the equipment to drive the process, move materials from one location to another, and separate the phosphate from unwanted materials.

An active dragline that is mining phosphate using Arroyo pumps and equipment

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Mines might seem very different across which materials are being mined, but the reality is there are many similarities that allow for unique economies of scale. We offer services across many mining applications, for example:

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