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Optimize production processes with machines that ensure precise milking, controlled feed mixing, efficient separation, and effective pasteurization, resulting in higher milk yields, improved feed consistency, enhanced product quality, and extended shelf life. By achieving optimal processing conditions, farmers and dairy processors can meet the increasing demand for high-quality animal-based products while maintaining animal welfare and hygiene standards.

A livestock and diary production facility that uses rotating and fluid handling equipment sourced with Arroyo Process
The Manufacturing Process

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Each stage of these livestock and diary processing requires specific types of industrial rotating equipment, and proper operation and maintenance of this equipment is crucial for the efficiency and productivity.

Milling & Grinding

In feed production for livestock, industrial grinders and mills, which are types of rotating equipment, are used to process grains and other feed components into a form that can be easily consumed and digested by animals.

Mixing & Blending

Mixers are used to combine various feed ingredients into a uniform mixture, ensuring that animals receive a balanced diet. In the dairy industry, mixers are used to blend ingredients for products such as ice cream or flavored milk.

Milking Machines

In dairy farms, rotating equipment forms a crucial part of the milking machines. These machines use vacuum pumps to extract milk from the cows in a safe and efficient manner.


Pumps are used extensively in this sector, from transferring milk in dairy operations to moving water for animal drinking systems or irrigation of pastures. In dairy processing, pumps move raw milk through various stages of pasteurization, homogenization, and packaging.

Separators & Centrifuges

In dairy processing, centrifuges are used to separate cream from milk or to further purify milk. These machines use rotating forces to separate substances based on their density.


In the dairy industry, homogenizers are used to break down fat globules in milk to prevent separation and creaming. This process involves forcing the milk through a small opening under high pressure, and it's usually facilitated by a rotating mechanism.

Cooling & Heating Systems

Equipment like agitators, which ensure even temperature distribution, are used in conjunction with cooling or heating systems in milk storage and processing tanks.

Manure Handling

Pumps and other rotating equipment are used to manage and process manure, a significant byproduct of livestock operations. This includes moving manure to storage facilities and processing it for use as fertilizer.


Once dairy products are ready, they need to be packaged. This process often involves rotating machinery like filling machines, capping machines, and labeling machines.

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