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Breakdowns and downtime can be extremely expensive and hazardous. That’s why selecting the right equipment and maintenance for the equipment that handles petrochemicals and effectively explores, delivers, recirculates, and loads/unloads is critical to an efficient system.

An active oil rig that is mining oil and gas using Arroyo pumps and equipment.
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We’re proud to partner with such an important industry and keep them running longer and more dynamically by providing reliable equipment, individualized preventative care, and around-the-clock emergency services.

Innovative Equipment Solutions for Oil Processing and Refining

Rotating equipment plays a critical role in oil processing within the oil and gas industry. The process of extracting crude oil from underground reservoirs and refining it into usable products involves several stages, including drilling, pumping, compression, and separation. Our team expertly guides industry leaders regarding their rotating equipment, including pumps, compressors, turbines, and motors, to move fluids, gases, and solids through the processing plant.

An active oil refinery factory where Arroyo supplies rotating equipment.

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Given the complexities of processing oil, gas, and phosphate and complying with relevant regulations, industry leaders partner with our expert teams to create efficiencies of scale across the following applications:

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