Innovate and improve paper manufacturing with precise equipment

Optimize production processes with equipment that ensures precise and continuous paper formation, controlled drying, efficient water removal, and effective energy conversion, resulting in improved paper quality, reduced waste, and enhanced overall efficiency. By achieving optimal processing conditions, paper manufacturers can produce high-quality paper products more efficiently, maximizing resource utilization and minimizing environmental impact.

A paper manufacturing facility tha uses rotating equipment sourced by Arroyo Process
The Manufacturing Process

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Each of these stages requires specific types of industrial rotating equipment. Proper operation and maintenance of this equipment are vital for the efficiency, safety, and profitability of the paper manufacturing industry.

Wood Chipping

Rotating equipment is used in chippers to cut logs into small chips, the first step in preparing the raw material for paper making.


In this process, wood chips are cooked to remove lignin and separate fibers. Rotating equipment is used in digesters, mixers, and agitators.

Washing & Screening

Once pulping is done, the pulp is washed and screened to remove any remaining impurities. Rotating screens and washers are used in this process.


The pulp is then bleached to remove color. This process can involve rotating equipment like mixers and pumps.


This process involves breaking down the fibers to improve their bonding potential. Refiners, which include rotating components, are used for this purpose.


The refined pulp is sprayed onto a moving wire mesh (forming section) where water starts to drain away, and fibers start to bond together. Various rotating elements are used to ensure a consistent fiber laydown and efficient water removal.


Further water is removed by mechanical pressure in the press section. This may involve rotating press rolls.


The paper is then passed over heated drying cylinders to remove remaining moisture. These cylinders rotate to provide an even drying process.


In the calender section, a series of rotating rollers smoothens and finishes the paper.

Reeling & Cutting

Finally, the paper is wound onto a reel and later cut into desired widths using rotating equipment.


Pumps, which are a type of rotating equipment, are used extensively in paper manufacturing to move fluids and slurries around the site.

Maintenance & Cleaning

Rotating machinery like pressure washers and rotary brushes can be used for cleaning and maintaining other equipment in the paper industry.

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