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Get advanced protection with proper sealing equipment

Embrace the power of industrial rotating equipment to experience unprecedented levels of protection, resilience, and efficiency. By harnessing the precision, efficiency, and quality offered by high-quality equipment, we elevate our clients’ operations, delivering superior waterproofing and sealant solutions that meet the growing demands of diverse construction projects, fortifying structures against water intrusion, and reinforcing the durability of our built environment.

Construction workers spot-applying asphalt to seal cracks, using equipment sourced by Arroyo Process Equipment
The Manufacturing Process

Create economies of scale across your system

The use of rotating equipment in the waterproofing and sealant sector of the asphalt industry enables remarkable efficiencies of scale, allowing for large-scale production and application of waterproofing materials and sealants with consistent quality, precision, and productivity.


Asphalt-based waterproofing materials are widely used in roofing applications. Pumps are used to spray or apply the asphalt to the roof structure, creating a waterproof barrier that protects the building from moisture.

Foundation Waterproofing

In construction, waterproofing the foundation of a structure is crucial to prevent water infiltration. Pumps can be used to apply a thick coating of asphalt-based waterproofing compound to the exterior of a building's foundation.

Road Construction

In road construction, asphalt pumps are used to apply asphalt as a sealant for the road surface. This not only helps make the road waterproof but also improves its durability and longevity.

Bridge Construction

Similar to road construction, asphalt pumps are also used in bridge construction. They apply asphalt waterproofing materials to the bridge deck, preventing water from penetrating the concrete and causing damage.

Parking Lots & Driveways

Asphalt pumps are used to apply sealant to parking lots and driveways. This protects the surface from water penetration and damage from the freeze-thaw cycle.

Industrial Flooring

In certain industrial settings, asphalt pumps may be used to apply a waterproofing and sealing layer to the floor. This is especially common in industries where the floor may be exposed to water or other liquids regularly.

Landfills & Ponds

Asphalt pumps can also be used in the construction of landfills and ponds. They are used to apply a layer of asphalt to the bottom and sides of the structure, creating a waterproof barrier that prevents liquids from seeping into the ground.

Pipeline & Tank Sealing

In the oil and gas industry, pumps may be used to apply asphalt coatings to pipelines and tanks as a form of corrosion prevention and sealing.

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