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Elevate WWTP operations with expert services and rotating equipment

Optimize treatment processes with expertly selected and maintained rotating equipment that ensure efficient pumping, thorough mixing, effective aeration, and reliable disinfection, resulting in improved water quality, reduced pollutant levels, and enhanced overall treatment efficiency. By achieving optimal treatment conditions, WWTPs can meet stringent regulatory standards, protect public health, and safeguard the environment.

A wastewater treatment plant that uses rotating equipment sourced by Arroyo Process
The Manufacturing Process

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Each of these stages requires specific types of industrial rotating equipment. Proper operation and maintenance of this equipment are essential for the efficiency, safety, and sustainability of wastewater treatment plants.

Preliminary Treatment

This step involves removing large debris and grit from the wastewater. Rotating equipment such as bar screens, drum screens, or grit classifiers are used for this purpose.

Primary Treatment

Primary clarifiers or sedimentation tanks allow solids to settle at the bottom while oil, grease, and lighter solids float to the surface. Some designs of these tanks involve rotating equipment to collect the settled or floating materials.

Secondary Treatment

This involves biological treatment to remove dissolved and suspended organic matter. Rotating equipment includes aerators, which supply oxygen to bacteria that break down the organic matter, and rotating biological contactors (RBCs), which provide a surface for the bacteria to grow on.

Tertiary Treatment

This stage is designed to further remove suspended solids and nutrients. It may involve the use of rotating sand filters or other similar equipment.

Sludge Treatment

Rotating equipment is used in several steps of sludge treatment, including thickening (using rotary drum thickeners or centrifuges), digestion (which may involve mixers or agitators), and dewatering (using centrifuges, screw presses, or rotary drum filters).


Pumps, which are a type of rotating equipment, are used to dose disinfectants like chlorine or UV light to kill remaining bacteria.

Pumping Stations

Pumps are also used extensively throughout a wastewater treatment plant to move wastewater from one stage to the next, and to pump treated wastewater to the discharge point.


Used in aeration basins to provide oxygen for the biological treatment process.

Maintenance & Cleaning

Equipment like pressure washers and rotary brushes, which include rotating parts, can be used for cleaning and maintaining other wastewater treatment equipment.

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