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The importance of high-quality and reliable water treatment cannot be overstated. That’s why our team has supported and supplied municipal, industrial, and commercial water treatment facilities by providing them with top-tier equipment and tailored services for over fifty years.

An active wastewater treatment plant that is treating waste and water using Arroyo pumps and equipment
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Regardless of the type of water treatment processes our partners use, like dissolved air flotation (DAF), they know that when they come to us with a project, problem, or idea that our engineers can help.

The Key to Cost-Effective and Sustainable Wastewater Treatment

The process of treating wastewater to remove pollutants and contaminants involves several stages, including screening, sedimentation, biological treatment, and disinfection. Each stage requires the use of rotating equipment, including pumps, mixers, aerators, blowers, and centrifuges, to move, mix, and process the wastewater. Our team is responsible for sourcing the equipment necessary to transport wastewater through the treatment process, mix chemicals, and move solids and liquids.

An active wastewater treatment plant that Arroyo sources rotating equipment for.

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Water management can span many industries and therefore has a broad and unique set of  challenges, considerations, and acceptance criteria. At Arroyo, we support and service many of these applications, including:

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Use our resources to learn more about how the industrial water and wastewater industry changes through various applications, related products, and process improvements.

Ovivo is a leading global provider of water and wastewater treatment solutions. The company offers a

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