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We help producers work safely and effectively against many challenges when working with complicated chemicalslike transporting, conveying, and picking the right equipment.

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We’re proud to partner with leaders across the chemical industry to always provide the best available equipment lead times, around the clock emergency services, and tailored preventative maintenance plans.

The Importance of Rotating Equipment in Pharmaceuticals

The production of high-quality pharmaceuticals requires precise and consistent processing of raw materials, and the use of rotating equipment such as mixers, mills, and granulators is essential to achieving this. In addition, the application of pharmaceutical products requires specialized equipment such as packaging machines and tablet presses, which ensure a consistent dosage and meet industry standards. Explore how our team assists leaders in the industry by sourcing and maintaining equipment.

A pharmaceutical factory that uses rotating equipment sourced by Arroyo Process

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Our equipment has a safety-compliant design that improves productivity, reduces incidents, and is suited for applications with or without direct contact with the chemicals, such as:

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