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We offer name-brand industrial rotating equipment and related installation, maintenance, and repair services for many hygienic applications across food and beverage industries.

Hygienic producton facility where food and pharmaceutical products are made
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Our decades of experience partnering with leaders across the food and beverage industry have allowed us to source the right equipment which complies with production regulations and avoid costly breakdowns.

Improving Production and Results in Condiment Manufacturing

The process of manufacturing condiments, such as ketchup, mustard, and salad dressing, involves several stages, including mixing, grinding, and packaging. Each stage requires the use of rotating equipment, including mixers, grinders, pumps, and conveyors, to mix, process, and transport ingredients. Our team is responsible for providing the necessary equipment to mix and blend ingredients, grind spices, and pump the mixture into packaging containers.

A condiment factory that uses rotating equipment supplied by Arroyo Process

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Our equipment compiles with relevant requirements on hygiene-compliant design for direct delivery of food and beverage products and services on applications, such as:

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