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An assortment of colored asphalt shingles, manufacturered using Arroyo Process rotating equipment
The Manufacturing Process

Create economies of scale across your system

The utilization of rotating equipment in the roofing and shingles industry allows for remarkable efficiencies of scale, enabling manufacturers to meet large-scale production demands while ensuring consistent and high-quality results.

Unload flux from railcars

The equipment we distribute actively facilitates the efficient transfer of flux from railcars to tank farms, ensuring a seamless and reliable process.

Move flux from tank farm to preheater

The application of this equipment enables the efficient transfer of flux from the tank farm to the pre-heater, ensuring a consistent and controlled supply.

Move from preheater to blowing stills

Our equipment safely and seamlessly transfers the flux from the preheater to the blowing stills, ensuring precise and efficient control over the production process.

Move blown asphalt to storage

Once the flux is blown (oxidized) asphalt, the equipment facilitates the transfer from the production process to storage, ensuring proper handling and preservation of the valuable material.

Move knockdown liquids to disposal

We distribute equipment that facilitates the effective transfer of knockdown tank liquids to disposal, ensuring safe and efficient management of waste materials.

Unload PMA, seal-down, and laminate

Quality equipment can effectively unload PMA, seal-down, and laminate (adhesive) asphalt from trucks, ensuring seamless transfer to storage for further processing and manufacturing.

Move product to plant day tank

Get equipment that smoothly transfers of blown asphalt or PMA (Polymer Modified Asphalt) to the plant day tank to ensure consistent supply for the production process and precise control over the mixture composition.

Transfer from day tank to mix tank

Improve how materials are transfered from the day tank to the mix tank, allowing for seamless blending of asphalt with fillers to achieve the desired composition for optimal roofing and shingle production.

Transfer coating asphalt to coater

Precisely transfer the coating asphalt from storage to the coater with quality equipment to ensure uniform application and impeccable coating quality.

Return coating asphalt to mix tank

Efficiently return the coating asphalt from the coater to the mix tank with reliable equipment to allow for proper recycling and utilization of materials in the production process.

Meter seal-down onto shingles

Accurately meter and apply seal-down onto shingles using heavy-duty rotating equipment to ensure precise and uniform coverage for enhanced durability and weather resistance.

Meter laminate onto shingles

Improve metering and applying laminate onto shingles with high-quality equipment that ensures consistent and even distribution for enhanced strength and protection against external elements.

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