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Optimize the extraction processes with equipment that ensures precise crushing, controlled grinding, efficient separation, and effective concentration, resulting in improved metal recovery rates, reduced waste, and enhanced overall efficiency. By achieving optimal processing conditions, mining operations can extract precious metals more efficiently, maximizing resource utilization and minimizing environmental impact.

A live precious metal mine that uses rotating equipment sourced by Arroyo Process
The Manufacturing Process

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Each of these stages requires specific types of industrial rotating equipment. Proper operation and maintenance of this equipment are vital for the productivity, safety, and efficiency of the precious metal mining industry.


Rotary drills, using rotating drill bits, are employed to bore into the earth to reach precious metal deposits. These drills aid in both the exploration and the extraction phases.


Rotating wheel excavators or rotary bucket wheel excavators are often used in the process of extracting precious metals, especially in open-pit mining.

Crushing & Grinding

Once precious metals are extracted, they may need to be crushed or ground into smaller pieces for further processing. This involves the use of rotating crushers and grinding mills.


Rotating screening equipment is used to separate crushed or ground material into different size fractions. This process helps in sorting valuable precious metal ores from the waste rock or gangue.


Conveyors, which include rotating parts such as pulleys or idlers, are used to transport the extracted ore and processed materials around the mining site and to other processing facilities.


Beneficiation is a process used to enhance the concentration of valuable components in the ore. It can involve methods such as flotation, magnetic separation, or gravity concentration, all of which might use rotating equipment.


Post-beneficiation, the processed ores often need to be dewatered. This typically involves rotating equipment like centrifuges or rotary vacuum filters.

Smelting & Refining

During these processes, agitators or other rotating machinery might be used for mixing and heating to extract precious metals from the ore.


Pumps, which are a type of rotating equipment, are used extensively in mining to move slurries and other fluids around the site.


In underground mining, ventilation is a key safety factor, and this is often provided by large rotating fans.

Maintenance & Cleaning

Equipment like pressure washers and rotary brushes, which include rotating parts, can be used for cleaning and maintaining mining equipment.

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