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Elevate cultivation with durable equipment

Our services and sourced equipment are designed to elevate your cannabis cultivation to new heights. With a longstanding partnership with leading equipment manufacturers, we bring you the latest advancements in the field. We take pride in our team of top-quality engineers, who are committed to delivering tailored solutions that meet the unique needs of your cannabis cultivation operations. With a longstanding partnership with leading equipment manufacturers, we ensure competitive lead times.

A cannabis drying facility that uses rotating equipment sourced by Arroyo Process.
The Manufacturing Process

Create economies of scale across your system

Using the proper equipment in the cannabis sector unlocks efficiencies of scale, enabling large-scale cultivation and processing with consistent quality and precision, increased productivity, streamlined operations, & cost-effectiveness.

Cultivation & Irrigation Systems

Rotating equipment is vital for automated irrigation systems in large-scale cannabis cultivation. These systems provide precise control over the amount of water and nutrients delivered to the plants, optimizing growth conditions.

Climate Control

Industrial fans, which are a type of rotating equipment, are used to control temperature and humidity within indoor cultivation facilities. Maintaining a consistent climate is crucial for the health and yield of the cannabis plants.

Extraction & Processing

The extraction of cannabinoids (like THC and CBD) from cannabis plants often involves the use of rotating equipment. These machines separate the desired components from the plant material. Our equipment is also used in the oil extraction process.

Waste Management

Pumps are used in waste management systems to transfer waste products for appropriate disposal or treatment. This could include the disposal of used growing mediums, or the treatment of water used in cultivation.


In the final stages of the process, rotating equipment like conveyors and filling machines are used to package the final products, whether they're oils, edibles, or simply dried flower.

CO2 Enrichment Systems

To optimize plant growth, some indoor grow operations use CO2 enrichment systems. These systems often include pumps or other rotating equipment to distribute CO2 effectively.

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