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Industrial rotating equipment plays a pivotal role in road and pavement construction and maintenance. Specialized machineries, such as asphalt pavers and compactors, ensure smooth and even application of asphalt layers, resulting in enhanced surface quality and uniformity. The use of rotating brushes and power washers aids in the cleaning and maintenance of road surfaces, contributing to the preservation of the infrastructure and reducing the need for frequent repairs.

An aerial view of a rod being paved using the rotating equipment sourced by Arroyo Process
The Manufacturing Process

Create economies of scale across your system

The use of rotating equipment in the road and pavement sector of the asphalt industry enables remarkable efficiencies of scale, allowing for large-scale production and construction while maintaining consistent quality and precision.

Paving public & provate car parking

The equipment we distribute surfaces car parking areas, including private drives, ensuring efficient and precise application of asphalt for durable and well-maintained surfaces.

Paving for medium & heavyweight vehicles

Surfacing parking areas for medium and heavyweight vehicles with reliable equipment ensures sturdy and resilient surfaces that can withstand heavy loads.

Decorative finishes for asphalt surfaces

Achieve decorative and colored finishes for asphalt surfacings with effective and efficient equipment, to enhance the visual appeal of various asphalt surfacings.

Asphalt surfacings for high stress areas

Apply asphalt surfacings to high-stress areas seamlessly with rotating equipment that ensures durable surfaces that can withstand heavy traffic and harsh conditions.

Pavement for public game & sports areas

Utilize asphalt for the construction of games and sports areas with equipment that enables the creation of safe and high-performance surfaces for various recreational activities.

Farming applications of asphalt

While not commonly associated, rotating equipment facilitates the use of asphalt for various agricultural purposes such as barn floors, livestock yards, and pathways.

Airfield uses of asphalt

Quality rotating equipment ensures the construction of robust runways, taxiways, and aprons that meet the stringent requirements of airfields and provide safe and reliable operations.

Paving for footways & cycleways

Footways and cycleways using reliable equipment provides pedestrians and cyclists with smooth, durable, and safe pathways for enhanced mobility and convenience.

Asphalt Products

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