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An active sgar production factory that uses rotating equipment, sourced by Arroyo Process
The Manufacturing Process

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Each of stages of the sugar production process requires specific types of industrial rotating equipment, all of which need to be maintained properly to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of the sugar production process.


In the cultivation phase, pumps are used in irrigation systems to supply water to the sugar cane or sugar beet crops.

Harvesting Equipment

Some harvesting equipment for sugar cane involves rotating blades or mechanisms to cut the cane.


Once the sugar cane or beets are harvested, they are crushed using heavy rotating machinery to extract the juice. This is typically done using a series of mills or diffusers.

Juice Clarification

The extracted juice is then clarified to remove impurities. This process often involves the use of centrifuges, which are a form of rotating equipment we distrbiute.


The clarified juice is then concentrated by boiling off the water in evaporators, which often include rotating elements to ensure even heating and prevent burning.


The concentrated juice (now a syrup) is then crystallized to form sugar crystals. This process is performed in a vacuum pan and a centrifuge is often used to separate the crystals from the remaining syrup, a process known as massecuite.


The wet sugar crystals are then dried using rotating machinery like rotary dryers to remove excess moisture.


Finally, the dried sugar is packaged for distribution. This process often involves rotating equipment like conveyors and filling machines.

Power Generation

Many sugar mills use bagasse (the fibrous material left after sugar juice extraction) as a fuel source to generate power. This involves the use of rotating equipment such as turbines in the power generation process.

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