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Eaton Pumps

Eaton Pumps for Florida, Georgia, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic & the Caribbean

Eaton Pumps

Arroyo Process Equipment represents and distributes the world’s best gear pump products. Our positive displacement pump line features both internal and external gear pumps, which are the most universal types of positive displacement pumps. We have a complete selection of internal and external gear pumps in our PD pump line including Eaton pumps, Viking Pumps, Nomad pumps and more.

Eaton Pumps From Arroyo Process Equipment

Gear pump equipment is typically used for pumping viscous liquids. They have relatively few moving parts. An external gear pump is most often used for high pressure pumping of low to medium temperature fluids. Available external gear pumps include the Series 26 and L2 Series Eaton pumps. These Eaton pumps are often used in the following types of applications and more:

The Series 26 Eaton pumps are exceptional pumps that feature quiet operation and improved efficiency as a result of an improved bearing lubrication system and high polished shaft and gears. Pump direction can easily be reversed in the field. Eaton pumps Series 26 models are available in 15 different configurations including single, double and triple pump designs, with and without one or more optional components such as tandem back plates, common suction ports, flow divider back plates, multiple suction ports and relief valves. In addition, L2 Series pumps feature a die-cast aluminum design and are available in nine optional configurations.

Nomad pumps are the perfect alternative for fluid processing professionals who are looking to reduce internal gear pump related costs. Nomad pumps are cost-effective, after-market pump solutions that feature a PD pump design with intermeshing idlers and rotors.

One of the many reason fluid processors in Florida, Georgia, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and the Caribbean partner with Arroyo Process Equipment is the service and support from our team of fluid processing experts. Our chemical and mechanical engineers can match project specifications to the hundreds of Viking, Nomad and Eaton pump models that are available in our line and make equipment recommendations. Contact an associate today for more information on our external and internal gear pump products.