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Jacketed Pump for Florida, Georgia, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic & the Caribbean

Arroyo Process Equipment is the trusted source that fluid processing professionals rely on when they’re looking for the best jacketed pump selection. We’ve represented and distributed industrial pumps, mixing equipment, specialty products and pump parts from the most respected manufacturers in the world for nearly 50 years.

Viking Pump is one of the manufacturers we represent and has the most complete line of jacketed pump products. Jacketed pumps are often required for temperature critical processing applications in petroleum, chemical and other industries. A jacketed pump typically has cavities in the pump bracket and head, casing, or relief valve where steam, hot oil or other heat transfer liquids can circulate and pass. The Viking Pump internal gear jacketed pumps available at Arroyo Process Equipment include B Series (Behind the Rotor-Seal) pumps, General Purpose Asphalt Pump Series 34 jacketed pump models and seven models in the Heavy Duty Asphalt Pump Series. Benefits and features of Viking internal gear pumps include the following and more:

Jacketed Pump From Arroyo Process Equipment

Arroyo Process Equipment has in-house chemical and mechanical engineers to provide processors with product selection assistance and support. Engineers can match processing requirements with pump specifications to find the equipment that will produce the best overall results. Our engineering team also designs and creates complete turnkey pump system packages that are often skid mounted for easy and efficient shipping and installation.

In addition, Arroyo Process Equipment has all of the gearboxes, mixing equipment, motors and more to work with pumps at processing facilities in Florida, Georgia, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, the Caribbean and elsewhere. Our parts department also carries all of the pump parts that in-house service personnel need for pump and other processing equipment repair and maintenance services. Contact us today to request a jacketed pump quote or order pump parts.