Sandpiper 1″ Buna Wet End Kit


Manufacturer Part Number:


Average Lead Time:

10-12 Business Days

Connection Media:


Compatible Brand:


Compatible Product Type:

Air Operated Diaphragm Pump

Compatible Product Series:

S1F Metallic Series

Kit Contents:

(4) Check Balls, (2) Diaphragms, (4) Seat Checks, (1) Grease Packet


2 lbs (0.91 kg)

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Elevate Pump Performance with the Sandpiper 476.194.360 Wet End Kit

Boost your Sandpiper S1F Metallic Series 1″ air-operated diaphragm pumps with our advanced Sandpiper 476.194.360 Wet End Kit. Designed specifically for high-demand industrial use, this kit ensures top performance and longevity. Featuring high-quality Buna and polyethylene, it enhances both efficiency and reliability across various applications.

Key Advantages of the Wet End Kit:
  • Optimal Fluid Handling: The Buna Check Balls (050.028.360) adapt seamlessly to various fluids, providing excellent sealing and flow control.
  • Enhanced Durability: Our Buna Diaphragms (286.008.360) increase the pump’s resistance to wear, crucial for handling diverse substances.
  • Strong Sealing Performance: The Polyethylene Check Seats (722.098.550) secure a robust seal, boosting durability and operational performance.
  • Simplified Maintenance: The included PST-705 Grease Packet (508.002.000) ensures easy assembly and upkeep, extending component lifespan.

Why Choose the Sandpiper Wet End Kit?
This kit assembles everything you need to thoroughly overhaul your 1-inch diaphragm pumps. By integrating Buna for exceptional chemical resistance and polyethylene for added toughness, it significantly upgrades your pump’s capabilities. Whether tackling harsh chemicals or heavy-duty tasks, this kit provides the necessary enhancements to maintain high efficiency and reliable operations.

Invest in the Sandpiper 1″ Buna Wet End Kit for a critical upgrade. It’s perfect for ensuring your pumps can meet the challenges of any demanding industrial environment, maintaining high performance and extended durability.
This kit consists of:
  • (4) 050.028.360 BALL, CHECK, BUNA
  • (2) 286.008.360 DIAPHRAGM, 1 IN, BUNA
  • (4) 722.098.550 SEAT, CHECK, POLYETHYLENE
  • (1) 508.002.000 PST-705 GREASE PACKET (5 Gram)
  • S1FB1ABWANS000
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