Making the Right Choice: 3196 Pump

A 3D rendering of a Goulds 3196 pump

3196 Pump for Florida, Georgia, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic & the Caribbean

ANSI process pumps are usually centrifugal end suction pumps that meet ANSI B73 standards. All ANSI pumps such as a Gould 3196 pump or Deming 3000 Series pump have the same interface and envelope dimensions as other pumps of comparable size. Arroyo Process Equipment has a complete line of centrifugal pumps including ANSI pumps, split case pumps, multistage pumps and more. Our positive displacement pump line is where you’ll find everything from a FDA pump and sanitary lobe pump to a high pressure piston pump and air operated diaphragm pump.

At Arroyo, we offer our customers the Phantom Pumps line, which is perfect for processors who are looking to cut 3196 pump related operating costs. Phantom Pumps centrifugal ANSI pumps are cost-effective 3196 pump replacements because they are compatible and interchangeable with many 3196 models as well as with many Gorman-Rupp, All Prime and ESCO pumps products

Processors never have to worry about sacrificing on quality or performance when they replace a worn-out or broken 3196 pump with a pump from the compatible ANSI pump line at Arroyo Process Equipment for the following reasons and more:

  • Phantom ANSI pump manufacturing meets or exceeds industry standards
  • Pump assembly, testing and packaging is always done in the United States for quality assurance
  • Pumps are all self-priming
  • Models include low pressure and high pressure pumps
  • All models include a one-year warranty

The parts department at Arroyo Process Equipment has thousands of parts in stock for the pumps, mixers, gear pumps, motors and other processing equipment that we distribute. A simple call from your in-house service personnel to one of our parts specialists for assistance is all it takes to find the correct part for an FDA pump or other equipment needed at your processing facilities in Florida, Georgia, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and other islands in the Caribbean. We can quickly cross-reference 3196 pump parts to Phantom Pumps parts to save you additional money on repair and maintenance related costs. Contact us today for a FDA pump or for more information on compatible pumps and parts.

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