Gearbox for Jamaica, Trinidad, Tobago, Cuba & Beyond

The in-house team of mechanical and chemical engineers at Arroyo Process Equipment is known for the custom package systems they design to meet your individual application specifications. We can create single pump package systems including a single pump carefully matched with a gearbox, motor, control box and other components, and we can also design intricate and complicated multi-pump systems, which feature multiple diesel, gas or electric pumps with mixers, agitators, strainers and other products, such as a gearbox, that may be needed to run an entire processing operation.

Arroyo Process Equipment has been the trusted source for those in need of a gearbox, electric pumps and other equipment and services in the processing industry, for over 45 years. We distribute only the finest equipment in the industry including a full line of Viking, Warren Rupp, Inc. Pulsafeeder and other brand name positive displacement and centrifugal pumps, and our high quality electric pumps are the choice of agricultural and other industry professionals when project specifications require environmentally friendly processing equipment.

Mixing equipment at Arroyo Process Equipment includes Hayward Gordon, Sharpe Mixers, Hansen Transmissions mixers, agitators, aerators, while our specialty line of equipment includes several choices for a gearbox, motors and more. Nord, Hansen and other gearbox brands include the following industrial gearbox designs and more:

Our parts specialists can get replacement parts when and where you need them, because we carry an impressive inventory of manufacturer parts for the equipment we distribute. We can help you determine the parts you will need to maintain or repair your equipment, whether you need a new gearbox or an agitator replacement. If saving money while not compromising quality if desired, you can choose products from our line of Phantom Pumps parts. These pumps are interchangeable and compatible with a number of brand name pump products, yet perform as good as or better than their brand name equivalents.

The entire staff at our family owned and operated business is committed to providing you with the quality products and services you need to process fluids efficiently and successfully at your facilities in Jamaica, Trinidad, Tobago, Cuba and beyond. Contact us today to request a quote on a gearbox, custom package system or replacement parts. We are the process equipment supplier to call for a high-quality gearbox, mixer, aerator and more.

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