Metering Pump for Georgia, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica & the Caribbean

At Arroyo Process Equipment, we understand that the importance of a metering pump or other equipment in fluid processing operations should never be underestimated. It’s the reason why we choose to represent and distribute pumps, mixers and other specialty equipment from only the most respected manufacturers in the industry. Our centrifugal and positive displacement pump lines include Watson-Marlow, Pulsafeeder, Toyo and Sandpiper pumps, while our mixing equipment, gearboxes, motors and drives are from Chemineer, Sharpe Mixers, Sumitomo, Baldor and many other renowned manufacturers.

 Pharmaceutical, food and beverage, chemical, petroleum and other fluid processing operations in Trinidad, Tobago and Cuba rely on the high quality metering pump equipment distributed by Arroyo Process Equipment and are able to use our products to transport precise amounts of fluid volume at a specified flow rate for a pre-determined amount of time. The pumps we carry can be used in many metering pump applications, which include the following and more:

  • Watson-Marlow Qdos peristaltic metering pumps
  • 500 Series process pumps from Watson-Marlow
  • Pulsa Series, Pulsar Series and Eclipse Metallic Series metering pump products from Pulsafeeder
  • Viking Pump composite mag drive pumps
  • AODD metering Sandpiper pumps
  • Regenerative Turbine Pumps from Burks and Corken

Arroyo Process Equipment has all of the filters, agitators, mixers and/or other processing equipment you could need in a fluid processing operation. Our team of mechanical and chemical engineers can help ensure that the pumps and any other equipment you purchase will work well together to produce the desired results. Our parts department stocks a full inventory of parts and accessories, so in-house service departments can always depend on Arroyo Process Equipment for the parts they need to maintain and repair their pumps and other processing equipment.

Our engineers can also design and create custom single or multiple pump package systems complete with pumps, mixers, motors, control boxes and other components. These turnkey systems can be skid mounted for easy, efficient shipping and installation. Contact a specialist at Arroyo Process Equipment to request a metering pump quote or learn more about how we can create a custom Sandpiper pumps or other pumps package solution for your processing facilities in Georgia, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, the Caribbean or elsewhere.

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