Making the Right Choice: Recessed Impeller Pumps

A 3D CAD drawing of a recessed impeller pump.

Recessed impeller pumps, including submersible and horizontal types, are designed for demanding applications. The unique design of these pumps, with the impeller recessed into the pump casing, allows for efficient handling of solids, reduced abrasive wear, and minimal maintenance. This makes them ideal for pumping raw sewage, municipal wastewater, and other abrasive or corrosive liquids.

Key Features & Advantages

The key features of recessed impeller pumps, such as stainless steel shafts and easily replaceable top pullout designs, contribute to their longevity and reliability. These pumps are designed and manufactured to withstand tough conditions, assuring long-term, reliable performance. The impeller design, coupled with abrasion-resistant materials, ensures that these pumps can handle even the most challenging fluids efficiently.

Recessed Impeller Pump Manufacturers

In our quest to provide the best pumping solutions, Arroyo Process Equipment is proud to represent industry leaders like Hayward Gordon, PumpWorks, and now Goulds Pumps, each offering unique and advanced recessed impeller pump models.

  • Hayward Gordon
    • XR Torus Recessed Impeller Pump is the most popular Hayward Gordon recessed impeller pump. This pump is a true vortex pump, highly effective at handling abrasive slurries, stringy or fibrous materials, sludges, and fluids with high gas entrainment.
  • PumpWorks
    • The Model PWA-RC is known for its reduced liquid velocities, this recessed impeller centrifugal pump minimizes casing and impeller wear rates, making it ideal for entrained gaseous or air-entrained liquids. It features capacities up to 2,700 GPM and pressures up to 285 PSIG.
  • Goulds Pumps
    • The HSU and HSUL Recessed Impeller Submersible Pumps are distinguished by their fully recessed impeller, which allows large, stringy, or fibrous material to pass through without binding or clogging. The concentric casing design enhances the flow of pumpage and solids, minimizing loads. The HSU and HSUL models offer mounting flexibility with flanged suction and horizontal discharge, and their bolt-on legs provide stability on the sump floor. An added advantage is the interchangeability of casing and optional wear ring with Goulds Model HS and VHS pumps, reducing inventory needs.


Each of these manufacturers brings distinct advantages to the table, ensuring that whatever your specific needs, Arroyo Process Equipment can provide a recessed impeller pump solution that meets them perfectly.

Applications in Industry

Recessed impeller pumps are particularly effective in slurry handling, which is crucial in industries like mining, oil & gas, and wastewater management. Their robust design allows for efficient handling of abrasive and corrosive liquids, ensuring operational continuity and reducing field labor and travel expenses associated with maintenance and repairs.

Regional Considerations in Pump Selection

Selecting the right recessed impeller pump requires an understanding of the unique environmental and industrial conditions in different regions. At Arroyo Process Equipment, we recognize these regional nuances, particularly in the American Southeast, the Caribbean, and Latin America.

  • The American Southeast (ie Florida, Georgia, etc.)
    • In this region, the focus is often on handling large volumes of water, particularly in flood-prone areas and in industries like agriculture and aquaculture. The high humidity and potential for corrosive environments, due to the proximity to the ocean, require pumps that are robust, corrosion-resistant, and capable of handling high flow rates. Pumps with high efficiency in energy usage are also preferred due to the warm climate and energy consumption concerns.
  • The Caribbean (ie Puerto Rico & the Dominican Republic)
    • Here, the key factors include resistance to corrosion from saltwater exposure and the ability to handle stormwater and flood conditions. The region’s vulnerability to hurricanes necessitates pumps that are reliable in extreme weather conditions. Additionally, the handling of wastewater and industrial effluents in small, isolated communities requires pumps that are efficient, easy to maintain, and capable of handling diverse types of solids.
  • Latin America (ie Colombia & Brazil)
    • The diverse industries in these countries, from mining in Colombia to agriculture in Brazil, require pumps that are versatile and durable. The handling of abrasive slurries in mining and the need for energy-efficient solutions in agriculture are critical considerations. Environmental concerns and regulatory standards in these regions also demand pumps that are eco-friendly and adhere to strict environmental regulations.

In each of these regions, Arroyo Process Equipment provides tailored solutions, ensuring that the chosen recessed impeller pumps not only meet the technical requirements but also address the environmental and economic challenges unique to each locale.

Choosing the Right Recessed Impeller Pump

Choosing the right recessed impeller pump can be challenging, but at Arroyo Process Equipment, we’re here to help. Our expertise in pump applications and our partnership with leading manufacturers like Hayward Gordon and PumpWorks enable us to provide the best possible solutions to our customers. We take into account factors like pump casing design, bearing and seal life, and specific application requirements to ensure you get a pump that not only meets but exceeds your expectations. To learn more about all the services and manufacturers we offer, check out our official line card.

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