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Recessed Impeller Pumps for the US, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic & the Caribbean

Many processing applications require solid handling pumps. Recessed impeller pumps are ideal for processing fluids that contain large solids, high concentrations of entrained gas or liquids that are sensitive to shear. Also known as vortex impeller pumps, they are typically frame mounted pumps with back pull-out designs and impeller vanes that don’t extend or only partially extend into pump casings. These pumps reduce clogging, can operate at low flows and shut off without damage.

Arroyo Process Equipment has a great selection of recessed impeller dewatering pumps, end suction pumps and other pump types from the top manufacturers in the world including FLSmidth, Grundfos, Barnes, Weinman, Toyo Pumps and more.

Recessed Impeller Pumps From Arroyo Process Equipment

Krebs vMax vertical cantilever pumps from FLSmidth do not require impeller adjustments and offer reliable processing for industrial applications such as the following and more:

The Grundfos S-Sewage Series pumps are perfect for applications requiring sewage pumps or trash pumps. The pumps in this series are available with channel or vertex impellers and include built-in motor protection, Smart Seal auto-coupling gaskets and more. Weinman manufactures self-priming centrifugal, recessed impeller pumps with “Free-Flow Clogless” impellers that feature a recessed impeller design. This unique design creates a powerful swirling action of wastewater and other solid-laden fluids that flow in front of the impeller when entering the pump.

The fully recessed pumps in the Toyo Pumps DEH Series are horizontal, single stage end suction pumps that offer low running costs, a simple design and low shear used for applications in the food, chemical, paper, steel and power industries. We also carry Toyo Pumps DEC Series pumps, which are vertical pumps that are often used as dewatering pumps and feature patented axial spiral casings and lower energy requirements than other similar pumps.

We understand that with all the recessed impeller pumps in our line, it’s often difficult for processors in Florida, Georgia, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and the Caribbean to choose the best dewatering pumps for their operations. Contact us today for pump selection assistance from our Arroyo Process Equipment pump specialists and application engineers.