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Side Channel Pump for Florida, Georgia, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic & the Caribbean

Arroyo Process Equipment is known throughout the fluid processing industry as the exceptional fluid processing supplier you can count on for any type of equipment you require in your processing facility – from a side channel pump or a Freon pump to a sanitary mixer and everything in between. We are totally committed to providing our customers with the best quality products and highest levels of application expertise and customer service.

Side Channel Pump From Arroyo Process Equipment

Arroyo Process Equipment has an excellent selection of side channel pumps available from Corken, Sterling SIHI and other well-respected manufacturers. Our Corken side channel equipment includes SC-Model and SCM-Model pumps available with DIN or ANSI flange connections and offer the following and more:

The side channel pump principle was initially developed in 1920 by the founders of Sterling SIHI pumps. The pump designs from Sterling SIHI include the Bare Shaft Design, Compact Design and the Inline Design. The Bare Shaft Design line includes seven series of horizontal, self-priming pumps. In addition, the Compact Design Line features five series of vertical or horizontal self-priming pumps, and the Inline Design Line offers two series of horizontal or vertical, single-stage side channel pumps.

Arroyo Process Equipment application engineers are available to determine the Freon pump or side channel pump in our line that best matches the specifications and requirements at processing operations and facilities in Florida, Georgia, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and throughout the Caribbean. Our complete single and multiple pump system packages are always designed and created by our engineers to provide processors with turnkey pump solutions. Our engineers will carefully match each side channel or Freon pump to mixers, gear boxes and other system components to ensure the system will produce successful and efficient processing results. Contact us today for more information.