Industrial facilities use solids handling pumps to get rid of sludge, abrasive slurries, sewage, and other industrial waste resulting from a manufacturing process. The pumps are typically designed to handle waste containing a high percentage of suspended and non-suspended solids and can be used in a variety of wastewater applications.

A solids handling pump submersible. Some are designed to be self-priming pumps suction designs. Many solids handling pumps that are used for industrial applications are positive displacement pumps that use a combination of force and suction to draw and push liquids though the disposal process. In some cases, a solids handling pump might use a rotary circulation process, or centrifugal force, to dispose waste material. Eccentric screw pumps and peristaltic pumps are both examples of industrial centrifugal pumps.

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In addition to transporting waste material a solids handling pump can also be used for pumping food products through the manufacturing or processing process. Companies in the food industry often use such processing pumps to pump whole and cut fruits and vegetables, live fish, shrimp and other products through various stages of the processing cycle. Processing pumps are specifically designed to handle food products without bruising, crushing or damage.

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