High Flow Pumps for Trinidad & Tobago

Island municipalities usually need a larger supply of high flow pumps than land locked areas, because of weather related issues such as long periods of heavy rains and the potential for tropical systems such as hurricanes.

The fluid processing experts at Arroyo Process Equipment have the best equipment, service and support to help you handle the risks associated with rising water. The centrifugal pump category has more high flow pumps choices than other pump categories, and for products that work best for high flow, clean or dirty low viscosity fluids, we recommend the following:

It’s always best for municipalities and other fluid processing operations to have one or more back-up pumps, mixers, gearboxes and other specialty processing equipment on hand in case a pump or other equipment breaks down during an emergency. Since they are compatible and interchangeable with many brand name pumps and offer a much more affordable alternative, Phantom Pumps are perfect to have on hand.

For those who seek to be prepared, don’t forget to have a supply of replacement parts for your in-house service department for repairs and general equipment maintenance. Arroyo Process Equipment has an impressive inventory of parts and accessories for all of the high flow pumps and other equipment that we carry. Our parts department experts can help you select the correct parts for your equipment, and if you are looking to save money on pump related costs at your facilities, they may also suggest Phantom Pumps compatible replacements parts for your processing operations in Trinidad and Tobago. Contact us today to request a parts or equipment quote. We look forward to assisting you!


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