mixer lightninIf you have a mixer from Lightnin, Plenty, or Sharpe at your processing facility in Florida and need it serviced, Arroyo Process Equipment has a team of expert technicians you can count to get the job done promptly and properly. In the past half century, Arroyo, a proud woman- and Hispanic-owned business, has built a reputation for superior support, experience, and engineering, with companies around the globe relying on us for high-quality products and services. Facilities in Miami, Tampa, Orlando, Jacksonville, and others throughout the Sunshine State can take advantage of the maintenance and repair services we offer – including 24/7 emergency repair – from our factory-trained and -certified technicians, who are familiar with all Plenty, Sharpe, and Lightnin mixer parts.

We can service a wide selection of mixers, including:

In addition to servicing industrial mixer models from Lightnin, Waukesha, and Plenty, we also sell a wide selection of exceptional industrial pumps, strainers, gear boxes, electric motors and drives, and other equipment from respected manufacturers like Warren Rupp, Pulsafeeder, Viking, and Periflo. Our expert technicians also can provide maintenance and repairs on these products at facilities throughout Florida.

Contact us today for more information on mixer service for Lightnin, Plenty, Sharpe and Waukesha models, or additional information on any of our other products or services.

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