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Plunger Pump for Florida, Georgia, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic & the Caribbean

Industry professionals know Arroyo Process Equipment is the supplier they can count on for a Cats Pumps plunger pump, a Pulsafeeder Eclipse pump or any other type of industrial pump. We are the leading supplier of pumps, mixing equipment, drives, motors and other fluid handling specialty equipment. We’re renowned in the fluid processing industry for the expertise, service and support that we have provided to our customers for nearly 50 years.

The Cats Pumps plunger pump models that we offer are ideal for processing applications that specify a high-pressure, positive displacement, triplex reciprocating pump. Plunger pumps include Direct Drive-Electric models, Direct Drive-Gas Engine models and Solid Shaft models, and plunger pump features include the following and more:

Plunger Pump From Arroyo Process Equipment

Often, it can be overwhelming to select the best plunger pump from the 100+ models available. The Arroyo Process Equipment engineers can help match pump technical data with project specifications to ensure the pump you select will provide the best processing results for your unique application.

Eclipse pump equipment from Pulsafeeder is often used in the same industries as plunger pumps. An Eclipse pump is a gear pump that can process all pH scale liquids including corrosive and acidic fluids. There are many other pumps, mixers and related processing equipment at Arroyo Process Equipment that is designed to process and/or handle caustic and corrosive substances and fluids. Our pump specialists are always available to determine which of our equipment will meet the construction requirements of processing operations.

Arroyo Process Equipment also has replacement parts for all of our equipment. Service technicians at fluid processing facilities in Florida, Georgia, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and the Caribbean can count on us to get orders processed and shipped quickly to help keep any processing downtime to a minimum. Contact us today for a plunger pump quote or to place an order for parts and/or accessories.