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Slurry Pump in Jamaica, Tobago & Neighboring Areas

The incredible selection of industrial pumps available at Arroyo Process Equipment certainly includes a top quality slurry pump that can handle a variety of solids in your mining, wastewater treatment or other processing facility.

Our pump line includes both centrifugal and positive displacement slurry pumps. Our Arroyo Process Equipment vertical and horizontal pumps are used for many slurry pump applications and include the following pump types and more:

Slurry Pump in Jamaica From Arroyo Process Equipment

The thicker, more abrasive nature of the fluids transported by a slurry pump requires that the pump be extremely durable. Because of the abrasive material handling and longer processing times, slurry pumps need regularly scheduled maintenance to keep them running smoothly and efficiently. Most of the pumps designed to process the thickest and most abrasive slurry are horizontal pumps. Horizontal pumps used for slurry processing require more space than pumps with a vertical design, but provide easier access for repair and maintenance services.

Many of our other product lines at Arroyo Process Equipment are also used in operations processing slurry or other solid containing fluids. We have mixing equipment, gear boxes, electric motors and more from Sharpe Mixers, Sew Eurodrive, Baldor and other brands that you know and trust. Our processing equipment experts can help you find the best products to meet your equipment specifications for your processing application.

We offer free quotes on all of our equipment and replacement parts. Contact an Arroyo Process Equipment specialist today for technical information on any of our processing equipment or to request a slurry pump quote for your pumping projects or processing facilities in Jamaica, Tobago and neighboring areas.