Toyo Pumps in the Carribbean

Toyo Pumps for The Bahamas, Haiti, Cayman Islands, Turks and Caicos, Virgin Islands & Beyond

The Toyo Pumps brand is synonymous with solid handling. The company has been manufacturing pumps for the heavy duty applications that are used by fluid processing facilities in the mining, oil and gas, dredging and power industries for over 60 years. Arroyo Process Equipment is the place to go for all Toyo Pumps products. We have represented and distributed their products for many years. The pumps are available in our line of centrifugal pumps, along with pump products from other top manufacturers such as Prosser and Deming Pumps. Pump equipment such as regenerative turbine Corken pumps, mechanical metering Pulsafeeder pumps and more can be found in our positive displacement pump line.

Over the years, Toyo Pumps has introduced products with new technology that cover many additional industries worldwide. They are recognized as the worldwide leader for the slurry pump solutions found in our submersible pump line, which includes the following pumps:

  • HNS Series models featuring the patented Hevvy Pressurized Slurry Sealing
  • HS Series models able to handle solids up to 60%
  • HT Series economical models that can run dry
  • DP Series agitator pumps able to transport fluids up to 70% solid
  • DL Series dewatering pumps with chrome components
  • DXL Series pumps capable of reaching heads up to 525 feet.

We also carry their full-lines of submersible, vertical and horizontal pumps. Horizontal pumps include the HNH, DBH and DEH series models, while available vertical pumps include HNC, DEC, DC and DBC Series models.

In addition, Arroyo Process Equipment distributes all of the other equipment that is used in processing operations such as mixers, gearboxes, motors, drives and other specialty equipment from top manufacturers in the industry. We carry replacement parts for repairs and maintenance on all of the equipment we represent and distribute such as Barnes and Corken pumps, Chemineer mixers and Nord motors.

Toyo Pumps products and other equipment orders are usually shipped out quickly and efficiently to operations in the Bahamas, Haiti, Cayman Islands, Turks and Caicos, Virgin Islands beyond. Contact an associate today for Toyo Pumps quotes or to order replacement parts for your Corken pumps or other processing equipment.

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