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Electric Motors for Florida, Georgia, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic & the Caribbean

The Specialty Products Line at Arroyo Process Equipment is always fully stocked with electric motors and other industrial fluid processing equipment from the biggest names in the industry such as WEG, Sew Eurodrive, Hyundai, Baldor, Sumitomo and more. Arroyo Process Equipment is a family owned and operated supplier that has provided the highest quality equipment and unbeatable technical support to processors for 50 years.

Georgia Electric Motors From Arroyo Process Equipment

WEG Electric Corporation has grown from a small company that was producing only electric motors into one of the largest electric equipment manufacturers in the world. WEG now produces more than 460 product lines including everything from geared motors and gearbox equipment to drives, controls, electric panels and more. In our Arroyo Process Equipment line we feature WEG parallel shaft, helical geared and shaft mount geared motors, system adapters and input shafts. Electric motors for industrial pumps from WEG include the following and more:

We have hundreds of WEG geared motors and gearbox products in our Arroyo Process Equipment line including parallel shaft, helical geared and shaft mount geared motors, system adapters and input shafts. Our Baldor Electric Company industrial solutions that are ideal for chemical, food and beverage, mining, oil and gas, pharmaceutical and wastewater fluid processing operations include electric motors, drives, coupling and more. Baldor Electric pump motors include jet pump motors, submersible motors, immersible motors, vertical P-Base motors and more. Along with WEG and Baldor, we inventory Hansen Industrial Gearbox products from Sumitomo Drive Technologies such as Hansen P4 Vertical, Single Stage, UniMiner, and Multistage Gear Units.

Fluid processors in Florida, Georgia, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and throughout other islands in the Caribbean have come to rely on the expertise of the chemical and mechanical engineering team at Arroyo Process Equipment when electric motors, a gearbox or other fluid handling equipment breaks down. Our experienced and knowledgeable engineers work quickly to determine which gearbox, electric motor and/or other products in our lines match your unique processing operation specifications. Our order department quickly and efficiently processes and ships gearbox and other equipment orders to keep downtime to a minimum and get processing back up and running as soon as possible. Contact us today for free gearbox, electric motor and other equipment quotes.