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Industrial Pump Products

Arroyo Processing Equipment Inc. is your trusted source for Industrial pump products that are highly engineered to your exact specifications. As a manufacturers’ representative and distributor of industrial products and services, Arroyo has a variety of processing equipment to meet the demands of many different industries, including ammonia pumps, phosphate pumps, ANSI process pumps, mining pumps, back pull out pumps, agricultural pumps, centrifugal pumps, petroleum pumps, chemical process pumps, wastewater treatment pumps, cartridge filters, and many others.

We are a Hispanic- and woman-owned company, and since 1968, we’ve built a reputation for offering only the highest quality Industrial pump products from top manufacturers, such as Abel Pumps, Barnes Pumps, Busch Vacuum Pumps and Systems, CECO, Warren Rupp, Viking, Pulsafeeder, Grundfos, Eaton Pumps, CAT Pumps, and others.

Our selection of pumps include:

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