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Heavy Duty Pumps for Jamaica, Trinidad & Beyond

If you are the owner of a new business and need heavy duty pumps in your operation, you might turn to existing business owners or industry experts for recommendations on fluid handling equipment suppliers. We are confident that most would recommend Arroyo Process Equipment. We have been the manufacturer representative and distributor of the leading brands of processing equipment since 1968, and island businesses trust and rely on our products, services and expertise to keep their operations running smoothly, efficiently and profitably.

We distribute a full line of heavy duty pumps and gearbox products for municipal and industrial uses throughout the islands. Our products are put to use in a variety of applications, which include:

Arroyo Process Equipment also distributes gearbox equipment, mixers, motors and other specialty products and equipment from the leading manufacturers in the industry such as Sharpe Mixers, Baldor, Leeson Electric and others. We often have customers come to us to design complete systems for an application specific to their own company processing needs. If that sounds like you, our expert in-house mechanical and chemical engineers can design and create a simple pump package system complete with a pump, gearbox, control box and more, and we also create more complex package systems featuring multiple pumps, mixers, motors, a gearbox and more.

It doesn’t matter whether you are new to the industry or a professional with 30 years of experience, you can count on the Arroyo Process team to be on hand to assist you in your fluid handling needs in Jamaica, Trinidad and beyond. Our equipment specialists can help determine the best pump, gearbox, mixer or other equipment for your individual application, and our parts specialists can find and ship the parts your in-house service department needs to make necessary repairs or perform maintenance on your equipment. Contact us today with questions regarding our heavy duty pumps, other processing equipment or parts or to request a free quote.