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Industrial Process Pumps in North America & Surrounding Regions

Make best use of industrial process pumps by understanding how product flows through the processing equipment.

Citrus Processing:
In citrus processing, pumps have to work with everything from pure filter juices, to unfiltered juice, to citrus peel. Filtration is an important part of the process to make sure pumps do not clog.

Dairy Processing:
Achieve energy savings, by using a variable speed drive to regulate the vacuum pumps. Because milk flows at variable rates, a variable speed drive increases and decreases the pump power, to maintain a constant vacuum level, as the milk flow changes. According to a study by the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture & Food, using a variable speed vacuum pump system creates an average of 60 to 70% energy savings in milk processing.

Phosphate Processing:
Phosphate is a mined mineral. Sometimes the mining process includes adding water to pulverized rock to create a slurry, which can then be pumped. In order to process phosphate into fertilizer, chemical processing plants convert mineral phosphate into phosphoric acid. Pumps used in phosphate mining for slurry are powerful and rugged. Pumps used in phosphate processing are able to withstand the corrosive property of phosphoric acid.

Industrial Process Pumps From Arroyo Process Equipment

To select the best industrial pump systems for the job consider:

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