In-line Mixers for Florida, Georgia, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic & the Caribbean

Arroyo Process Equipment is the industrial mixer headquarters where you will find the greatest selection of in-line mixers, portable mixers, side entry mixers, and more from the top brands in the industry including Hayward Gordon, Scott Turbon and Sharpe Mixers. We are a family owned and operated fluid handling supplier that processors and construction industrial professionals have relied on since 1968 for the highest quality pumps, mixers, gearboxes and specialty equipment, and we are proudly renowned in the industry for our application expertise and the unparalleled service and support we provide to customers throughout the US and Caribbean.

In-line mixers are generally installed inside of pipelines. Blending, emulsifying, homogenizing and other mixing processes begin when fluids are pumped through pharmaceutical, biotech, chemical, food and beverage, cosmetics, personal care and other processing operation pipelines reach and enter in-line mixers. The in-line mixing equipment that is available at Arroyo Process Equipment includes Scott Turbon HSP/HSM Series mixers, Sharpe Mixers N Series mixers, Hayward Gordon Dynamic Inline Mixers Series and more.

HSP/HSM Series in-line mixer models are ideal for processing difficult or hard to handle ingredients. HSP High Shear Pump mixers are self-pumping and feature a high flow design, while HSM High Shear Mill models offer the following features and benefits:

For those looking for additional mixing options, N-Series mixers from Sharpe Mixers feature in-line steel gear sets, cast iron housing and tapered, oversized roller bearings. N-Series models include both top and side entry mixers. For those processing chemicals, Dynamic Inline Mixer models from Hayward Gordon are often specified for applications in the chemical industry. The mixers in this line blend and disperse fuel and chemical additives uniformly.

If you are in the market for new processing equipment, do not hesitate to contact our friendly, courteous personnel at Arroyo Process Equipment today. Our personnel can provide you with more information on our in-line mixers, and our application engineers can help match the industrial mixers in our line to operation requirements and existing equipment at facilities in Florida, Georgia, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and other islands throughout the Caribbean.

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