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Vane Pumps in Florida, Georgia, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic & the Caribbean

vane pumpsWhen fluid processing professionals are in need of new vane pumps, side channel pumps, AOD pumps or other positive displacement pumps, they know they can turn to the experts at Arroyo Process Equipment in all two offices. After 50 years of serving processing facilities throughout Florida and the Caribbean, we have become a leader in the industry, and our team of engineers offers unparalleled technical support.

Operation facilities that are focused on liquid transfer applications, including the transfer of both gases and chemicals, benefit greatly from the use of vane pumps. The pump’s rotor produces high volume productivity while maintaining low slip. The rotor’s vanes define the pump and sweep the processed liquid from the cavity through the pump.

Vane Pumps in Florida From Arroyo Process Equipment

A vane pump is a great option for processing propane gas, ammonia, alcohol, refrigerants and other low viscosity fluids. These pumps come in a variety of configurations including external, rolling, swinging, flexible and sliding vane. Each configuration offers its own unique benefits and advantages. A sliding vane pump allows for short periods of running dry. External configurations allow for processing large solids, while flexible pumps only handle small solids.

The LVP Series vane pumps from Viking Pumps include the following features and more:

It’s important that you always have the industrial pumps you need for your operation. Whether you are looking for vane pumps, centrifugal pumps, side channel pumps or other processing products, rely on us for the quality you count on. We offer more than just product and technical support. We also offer complete custom pump package systems that are designed to meet the requirements and specifications of your processing facilities in Florida, Georgia, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and the Caribbean. Contact us for more information regarding a particular vane pump model or to request a quote today.