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Prosser for Georgia, Jamaica, Cuba, Bahamas, Trinidad & Beyond

ProsserProsser is one of the most respected pump brands in the fluid processing industry. Construction firms, municipalities and other organizations have relied on Prosser pumps since 1942 to remove and transport unwanted water. In fact, Prosser Industries’ trade catalogs are featured in the Smithsonian Libraries Trade Literature Collections, which is located in the American History Museum Library. Today, Prosser pumps are part of the Crane Pumps & Systems Line that Arroyo Process Equipment proudly represents and distributes. Our family owned and operated company was founded in 1968 and is a leading fluid handling equipment supplier in the US and throughout the Caribbean.

Prosser in Georgia From Arroyo Process Equipment

Our Centrifugal Pump Line at Arroyo Process Equipment features hundreds of pump models from top manufacturers such as Toyo Pumps, Burks Pumps, Deming, Griswold, FL Smidth, Grundfos and Phantom Pumps. Prosser submersible pumps, accessories and related equipment in our lines include the following and more:

Standard Line submersible pumps are available in 2”, 3”, 4” and 6” discharge sizes and have flows up to 1400GPM, heads up to 210’, and 3/4-50 horse power ranges. Operable in any position, Prosser dewatering pumps do not require external priming, and they offer standard features and benefits such as slim line designs, silicon carbide outboard shaft seals, abrasion resistant impellers, stainless steel shafts and more. Optional pump features include liquid level controls, adapter kits and watertight control enclosures. Easy to assemble sludge and mushroom strainers for Standard Line models with ¾-5hp available in our Specialty Products Line raise the suction screen above sludge in manholes and pits and remove water to a 6”-8” level from bottom.

Contact a specialist at Arroyo Process Equipment today for help selecting the Prosser submersible dewatering pumps in our line that match the processing requirements and specifications at operations  in Georgia, Jamaica, Cuba, the Bahamas, Trinidad and beyond.