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Y Strainers for Florida, Georgia, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic & the Caribbean

y strainersFluid processors in need of high quality Y strainers to protect Wright Flow pumps and/or other valuable pumps, regulators and processing equipment from solid content in pipeline fluids are sure to find their ideal solution in the Specialty Product Line at Arroyo Process Equipment. As a widely recognized leading fluid handling supplier, we represent and distribute strainers and other filtration equipment from the top names in the industry such as Eaton, Banjo Liquid Handling Products and Hayward Gordon.

Eaton is the renowned manufacturer in the industry with the most complete line of pipeline Simplex, Duplex and Y strainers. Eaton model 80 and 85 Y strainers are specifically designed to withstand pipeline pressures and meet all ANSI 100° F pressure ratings. Perfect for liquid, gas or steam processing operations, Eaton model 85 strainers offer features and options such as the following and more:

Y Strainers From Arroyo Process Equipment

The Line Strainers product line manufactured by Banjo Liquid Handling Products includes LSQ, T, Mini T, and Y strainers. The line features more than 40 poly ribbed Y strainer models with stainless steel screens ranging in sizes from ½” to 3”.

Helping processors in Florida, Georgia, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and other islands in the Caribbean match pumps, mixers, Y strainers and other equipment to specific processing requirements is one of the things we do best at Arroyo Process Equipment. In addition to equipment selection assistance, we offer complete pump package systems that are custom designed and built by our chemical and mechanical engineers with one or more Wright Flow pumps or other brand name pumps, strainers, motors, control boxes and/or other components. The equipment selected for systems always matches processing organization specifications and requirements. Contact a pump expert at Arroyo Process Equipment today for more information or for quotes.  Each one of our courteous pump experts can provide you with technical data on the pump you are interested in. We look forward to serving you!